Saturday, 29 October 2011

Everything Changes

So we all have moments in our life where everything changes right?..... well in 2008 i had one of these moments, a life time experience i will always look back on fondly and with great memories......Finally meeting my great friend Sam, sharing a dream..... a moment in time and space which will remain always.

This moment of self discovery and discovery itself travelling thousands of miles alone to the US to realise a dream and that anything is possible if you want it enough. Not only this but to then share and learn so much with another human being is just simply amazing and still shapes my life choices now for im sure that without this moment i wouldn't be who i am today

As human beings we are capable of so much more than the box we place ourselves in ......think outside the box and live, share the ultimately is not about the materials we own or status in the world but the experiences we share with ourselves and others we care about around us......Its been said many times but life is truly too it......i shall be, look out 2012 :)

Time and distance are no match for love.......A huge thank you to my friend Sam whos friendship means the world to me and only gets stronger, love you Sam xoxo

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


So back in the day (2009) i did this........a moment to forget perhaps but i cant help look at it and think OMG what was i doing!!

Check it out.this is Me VS Britney in Womanizer

argh cant believe ive posted this.............. o well.........

Monday, 24 October 2011

Memories from the Archive: Summer 2010

This has to be my all time favorite Arabic language pop music video - Nancy Ajram - Mashy Haddy reminds me of summer 2010 warm sunny days happy times and strawberries :D

Please check it out :D if you really want to you can see me dancing along to it on my youtube channel davidcoultharduk ..........

PS if you want more of me check out my main youtube channel theDAVIDEification which is undergoing a re-vamp

but anyways check out the video and remember memories good or bad are our to look back on....

Sunday, 23 October 2011

tic toc goes the clock

Time........time is a strange thing no matter what happens its the one this that keeps going no matter what which made me think today that because of this nothing lasts forever and everything has a moment in time........

Everything we do is timed so its hard sometimes to stop and think when all you here is the tic toc of the clock as the hand strikes the hour over and over again.......

this is just a thought but time is the constant.......for me i guess i feel i need to find goals along the way to make the the sound of the clock in the back ground seem a little kinder

For we are just tic toc'ing ourselves............

Monday, 10 October 2011

Ascend into fitness

wow had the most amazing day on Sunday......if you know me like you think you know me then you know i love fitness and Les Mills.....infact anything that involves a gym or working out lol

Anyways Sunday was the launch of in my home town of Durham. The day was dedicated to taster sessions of all things fitness.....the launch went really well with everything from Body pump to Combat to balance on show........

This is just a short blog to say a massive thank you to everyone who was involved and making this happen......i know its going to be amazing and above everything else a hig quality service for all who wanna get fit...did i mention Zumba btw :P

if you want to check out the website feel free of if you have twitter follow @ascend247 you can also follow me @davidcoulthard ..... facebook will follow ....again thank you guys for bringing this service to Durham and to us you rock!!!!

Attack of the Zumbatrons

So recently i thought id give Zumba a try, i mean ive tried everything else right body combat. body pump, balance, jam and attack (yup you guessed it love BTS Les Mills)...........

So anyway instead of mocking those who did it watching and thinking how easy it was i thought id try wrong was i??????????

Its alot harder than it looks and wait for it.....its.....FUN yes FUN you heard me people i freakin love say im an addict to Zumba fitness is a bit extreme but basically true.......

I cant get enough of the Zumba lovin shakin my booty has never been so fun.......i challenge you my fellow Zumbatrons to shoot from the hip and do it....go on do it what you waiting for???? lol :P

so if you need me ill be in the dance bedroom.... infact anywhere Zumba is i shall be check it out peoples :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

pj's and chocolate

Its been one of those know the ones where the whole world is ending..........yup

me, myself and i like nothing better than a PJ day, DVDs and a selection of naughtiness in the form of aloud a few days away from the gym right?

kick back get the duvet and put on the DVD player.............theres some comfort in this feeling pus a raining day once backs up the idea

Soooooooooooo yup you guessed it im still in my PJ's minus the chocolate

Friday, 10 June 2011


did it get lost in the mail? it being shipped from the 80's??

Answers to all these questions are NO its just down to bad communication of the modern futuristic era we are supposed to be living in. All i want is my new shiny hand set that knows how to do can live and breath too :/

o why o why to you keep be 'hanging on the telephone' get me my video phone like beyonce said!! there is only one way for it....i shall become my own delivery man and go to the top it off im so indecisive with my decisions....ive picked a phone i dont want anymore :( what you gonna do David you may ask? well people looks like im gonna have to go through the who process and wait......wait for my life in a shiny white case to arrive :)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

guy crush

we all have one......we all need one...........heck we all dream a little!! :)

Well one of my obsessions...erm ahem i mean guy crushes is this guy, the one and only 30 something teen.........its 90210's Teddy also known as Trevor Donavan and no relation to Jason or 1980's stone washed denim though i do believe its making a comeback.........anyways back to Teddy :/

Now hands off you West Bev dreamers he is mine :P i know this of course because i have a dream lol

later bloggers xx DC

California Dreams mean...boooooooo

Yes if you didnt realise UK viewers season 3 of our favourite teen 'west bev' drama 90210 (thats right i said teen, teens who look like 20-somethings or in some cases 30-somethings but sshh) has now hurtled to its climax....what was the cliff hanger you may ask?? well for that you have to watch!!

So what am i gonna to with my life now my favorite tellybox show has ended for another year you may ask?? how will i survive without those perfect smiles, glossy locks and those toned hot super human bodies the residents of this perfect zip code give us?? hhmmm well there is only one...or two possible answers :)

Option 1 watch seasons 1 and 2 on boxset though personally i feel season 3 had better hair season 1's hair was a bit rough and ready but its totally awesome :)

Option 2 hit the gym, perfect those smiles and shake that hair of yours like a polarr...wait different subject...:/. Start quoting in everyday life say awesome at least once a day. Now remember what would life be without a little 'pinching of your best friends man' or 'having a bitchy relative who spreads s**t about you' now come on peeps get with the programme!!

now keep it awesome and a little bit rad and keep on smiling because season 4 will soon be with us :)

behind these castle walls

so its been a little while since i got finger happy on whats changed you may ask?? well nothing muchly im still the same old me same old issues new drama old drama and so on...........

What definatley hasnt changed is the word vomit i speak about, i talk so much about wanting to change things in my life but why do i find this so hard?? for me i feel at the moment life is tying me down with massive ropes and boulders of rock....throw in a few iron bars and you have a life sentence i guess lol what ever happened to life is for living and when did work and money take over?? we work to life to buy to keep up with the latest everything and so on etc etc........... STOP!! i say....

I want to be something, do something more to the point!! I think far too much what others think i need to stop that and do what's best for me because sometimes the mental barriers are just as physical and the physical barriers to over come.... im taking my sledge hammer to it all i tell you :)

All jokes aside life should be simple so im gonna try live each day at a time, do things that i enjoy, travel and most importantly find purpose in my life :)


Saturday, 23 April 2011

Give up the life you planned and find the life waiting for you....

So again one of my favourite tv shows speaks out to me. When something bad happens in life its so hard and so consuming and it is important to feel these emotions but its also important to move on after and thats were i faulter

As hard as it is we all have to move on at points in our lives, time is the biggest healer of course but as ive just realised the life i pictured has now gone the memories are there but what could have been wont be anymore much as this causes hurt and pain there is so much that awaits.

Love never truly dies but lifes paths changes and switches and nothing is ever certain, so go with it see where it takes us.....

I need to search for the life that awaits me as do we all.......

who said tv was bad for you :) (brothers and sisters season 5 - episode - call mom)

Friday, 22 April 2011

a place and time

there's a time and place for stuff and my time and place requires to find myself where i want to be and do. the clock is ticking and im fast approaching 30 lol

thinking about yourself is one of the hardest things ive ever had to do i have to say but im now in a place where i have to, im so great and attending to others needs and what they want and forget about mine. Well this is my time and space.........................

where do i want to be? what to i want to be? when? these are some of the questions i aim to answer this year :)

A friend made me listen to this and made me realise no matter how much we go through theres always and end but in the end comes a new beginning a fresh start

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hey so i' m back

I've taken sometime of work this week to relax chill and go to the gym but also to appreciate the things around me. You don't always realise what you have and sometimes something happens in life that make you realise. In my case its taking a lot to realise this

Im rebuilding step by step as i grow older and wiser im starting to wonder what it is i want out of life, taking time out to think where i wanna be what i wanna do. Theres so much to see and so much to do and so much to be out there. So many options also so for someone like me this makes it all that more harder lol

I've taken time out this week and taken advantage of enjoying the simple things arounf me such as walks to my favourite parks etc

Im kinda babling now so im gonna go peoples until next time