Thursday, 9 June 2011

behind these castle walls

so its been a little while since i got finger happy on whats changed you may ask?? well nothing muchly im still the same old me same old issues new drama old drama and so on...........

What definatley hasnt changed is the word vomit i speak about, i talk so much about wanting to change things in my life but why do i find this so hard?? for me i feel at the moment life is tying me down with massive ropes and boulders of rock....throw in a few iron bars and you have a life sentence i guess lol what ever happened to life is for living and when did work and money take over?? we work to life to buy to keep up with the latest everything and so on etc etc........... STOP!! i say....

I want to be something, do something more to the point!! I think far too much what others think i need to stop that and do what's best for me because sometimes the mental barriers are just as physical and the physical barriers to over come.... im taking my sledge hammer to it all i tell you :)

All jokes aside life should be simple so im gonna try live each day at a time, do things that i enjoy, travel and most importantly find purpose in my life :)


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