Thursday, 9 June 2011

California Dreams mean...boooooooo

Yes if you didnt realise UK viewers season 3 of our favourite teen 'west bev' drama 90210 (thats right i said teen, teens who look like 20-somethings or in some cases 30-somethings but sshh) has now hurtled to its climax....what was the cliff hanger you may ask?? well for that you have to watch!!

So what am i gonna to with my life now my favorite tellybox show has ended for another year you may ask?? how will i survive without those perfect smiles, glossy locks and those toned hot super human bodies the residents of this perfect zip code give us?? hhmmm well there is only one...or two possible answers :)

Option 1 watch seasons 1 and 2 on boxset though personally i feel season 3 had better hair season 1's hair was a bit rough and ready but its totally awesome :)

Option 2 hit the gym, perfect those smiles and shake that hair of yours like a polarr...wait different subject...:/. Start quoting in everyday life say awesome at least once a day. Now remember what would life be without a little 'pinching of your best friends man' or 'having a bitchy relative who spreads s**t about you' now come on peeps get with the programme!!

now keep it awesome and a little bit rad and keep on smiling because season 4 will soon be with us :)

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