Saturday, 23 April 2011

Give up the life you planned and find the life waiting for you....

So again one of my favourite tv shows speaks out to me. When something bad happens in life its so hard and so consuming and it is important to feel these emotions but its also important to move on after and thats were i faulter

As hard as it is we all have to move on at points in our lives, time is the biggest healer of course but as ive just realised the life i pictured has now gone the memories are there but what could have been wont be anymore much as this causes hurt and pain there is so much that awaits.

Love never truly dies but lifes paths changes and switches and nothing is ever certain, so go with it see where it takes us.....

I need to search for the life that awaits me as do we all.......

who said tv was bad for you :) (brothers and sisters season 5 - episode - call mom)

Friday, 22 April 2011

a place and time

there's a time and place for stuff and my time and place requires to find myself where i want to be and do. the clock is ticking and im fast approaching 30 lol

thinking about yourself is one of the hardest things ive ever had to do i have to say but im now in a place where i have to, im so great and attending to others needs and what they want and forget about mine. Well this is my time and space.........................

where do i want to be? what to i want to be? when? these are some of the questions i aim to answer this year :)

A friend made me listen to this and made me realise no matter how much we go through theres always and end but in the end comes a new beginning a fresh start

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hey so i' m back

I've taken sometime of work this week to relax chill and go to the gym but also to appreciate the things around me. You don't always realise what you have and sometimes something happens in life that make you realise. In my case its taking a lot to realise this

Im rebuilding step by step as i grow older and wiser im starting to wonder what it is i want out of life, taking time out to think where i wanna be what i wanna do. Theres so much to see and so much to do and so much to be out there. So many options also so for someone like me this makes it all that more harder lol

I've taken time out this week and taken advantage of enjoying the simple things arounf me such as walks to my favourite parks etc

Im kinda babling now so im gonna go peoples until next time