Monday, 10 October 2011

Attack of the Zumbatrons

So recently i thought id give Zumba a try, i mean ive tried everything else right body combat. body pump, balance, jam and attack (yup you guessed it love BTS Les Mills)...........

So anyway instead of mocking those who did it watching and thinking how easy it was i thought id try wrong was i??????????

Its alot harder than it looks and wait for it.....its.....FUN yes FUN you heard me people i freakin love say im an addict to Zumba fitness is a bit extreme but basically true.......

I cant get enough of the Zumba lovin shakin my booty has never been so fun.......i challenge you my fellow Zumbatrons to shoot from the hip and do it....go on do it what you waiting for???? lol :P

so if you need me ill be in the dance bedroom.... infact anywhere Zumba is i shall be check it out peoples :)

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