Saturday, 31 March 2012


Ouch!! its been a while once again!! so much has happened this year, the return of season 4 of 90210 is here *waves hands and screams like a girl* Season 2 of the Walking Dead came and went with more walkers than ever!! and Tyra made it back with the allstars-ish!!

I made a comeback to the gym!! woop more pump combat and anything that get my heart racing!!! (this does not include hotties from 90210 unfortunately and the 30-something teen made his tv exit from the show...........for now)

THE GOOD - so much good this year, im blessed with loving caring people in mylife and really great friends.and what would friends be without WAGS (WAGS is a lifestyle chosen for the few and involves lots of coffee :D)

THE BAD - Well thats just nasty aint it!!! stop hating haters you know who you are...........things change and move on then something takes you back to that moment in time!! say NO!! put it to rest!! alot of my demons have been put to rest and i finally let go of a massive wrench in my life!! RIP aaahhhhh thats better :D

THE TRASH - Well now!! hhmm we all gots to take the trash out sometimes (preferably once a week) sometimes you gotta say how it is people!! get it out there...

Speak soon .....Dx

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